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This is an unofficial Scala Rider G9 page.  You can find the official G9 page on Cardo System’s website.

My name is Jon Clark and I started this website to be a one stop shop resource for people with questions about the Scala Rider G9.  Bluetooth motorcycle intercoms have become greatly advanced both in quality and features over the past few years and the G9 promises to be a leader for some time.  It has a lot of nice features but is not all that intuitive.  I hope that my articles and videos on this site will help you make the correct decision when it comes to buying a Bluetooth intercom and if that decision is a G9 then this information should help you get the most from your headset.

I welcome questions and comments.  If you have a feature you would like demonstrated or a condition you would like tested just leave a comment with your contact information.

If you are ready to buy a Cardo G9 check out my store, Spoiled Biker, where we offer free shipping, lowest price guarantee and a no hassle, no questions asked, no restocking fee return policy.  In our retail store we have all the major Bluetooth motorcycle intercoms available as a hands on display where you can pair them to your phone, listen to music and get a feel for what will work best on YOUR helmet and for YOUR needs.

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  1. I have a Scala G9 and have had a few issues. The following scenerio has been explained to Cardo Systems support team who have re-produced the problem confirming that this is an issue. They are looking into it to see how to resolve the issue but I think this should be highlighed or tested in your current review of the G9.

    I have a Nokia E71 phone paired to a Garmin Zumo 550. The Scala G9 is paired to the Garmin Zumo 550.

    Here is the scenerio that Im having:

    I have the phone switched on.
    I then switch on the G9.
    I start my bike which switches on the zumo as its powered from bike ignition.
    On the zumo screen I get message confirming that the phone has connected via bluetooth. Shortly afterwards I get message on zumo screen confirming headset bluetooth connection. I also get GPS connected voice prompt in the G9 headset.
    I usually use the voice prompt within G9 to turn on the FM Radio.
    I can then access menus on the zumo and I hear the beeps from the touch screen in the headset which interrupts the radio station.
    I access the phonebook and select a number to dial. After pressing dial there is a short pause and nothing happens then the G9 returns to radio. The phone call has not been dialed!

    Now whilst riding if I turn off the zumo and then turn it back on again. I get the same bluetooth connection messages on the screen but I dont get the voice GPS connected as Im listening to the radio. Now if I repeat the process to dial a number it all works correctly.

    This sequence of events is repeatable everytime I first get on the bike the G9 doesn’t allow dialing until I do the zumo switch off/on.

    Also in this same scenerio after first setting off if someone rings me I dont receive the call but if I have done the zumo switch off/on then I will receive the call.

    After I have done the zumo switch off/on al continues to work correcly until one of the device is switched off.

    Here is the email i received from Cardo systems support confirming the issue:

    “Hi Ian,

    Thanks for following-up with feedback. At this point we cannot determine what is the cause of the connection issue. We recommend contacting Garmin to determine if they are aware of the problem with other Bluetooth headsets.

    During testing I was able to re-create the issue as described but we do not have a solution at this time. The Research and Development Team will receive a full report on the issue and I will contact you once I receive a response.

    • Interesting. I think I will have to create a new category for posts and call it reader’s experiences / issues. It sounds like Cardo is aware and can reproduce the problem. Since a ton of people will no doubt be using this with Zumo they should be working on it. The only thing you might try is to separate the pairing of the HFP (hands free profile) and A2DP (music profile) and see if that has any affect. With the G4 GPS units were all considered A2DP music devices and you might miss the turn by turn prompts if you were on a phone call or intercom conversation. With the G9 they give you the option to specify an A2DP connection as a GPS so that the Scala Rider G9 will prioritize the incoming audio from that different than a music stream. Not sure how the Zumo could be told to pair separately but the G9 does give you those options.

      • Just re-read your comment and realized you have the Zumo 550 which does not use A2DP pairing so above comment may be a moot point…. sorry.

  2. Hello,

    Here’s my scenario:

    I have an i-Phone 3GS and I have just purchased a Tom-Tom Urban Rider GPS.

    Before I had the Tom-Tom, I paired the G9 to the i-Phone and could make/receive calls AND listen to the music recorded on my i-Phone.

    Once I’d bought the Tom-Tom, I paired the Tom-Tom to the i-Phone and then paired the G9 to the Tom-Tom, as per the instructions.

    I can receive GPS instructions and make/receive phone calls without a problem, but I can no longer listen to my i-Phone’s music while the Tom-tom is part of the equation.

    If I disconnect the Tom-Tom, I can listen to my i-Phone’s playlist and make/receive calls through my G9.

    • Hello Alex,

      The Scala G9 can connect to mobile devices on two different “bandwidths” or frequencies. The Bluetooth community calls them profiles and they are A2DP (Stereo music 1-way) and HFP (Mono 2-way). Your TomTom must be using the HFP profile in order for you to be able to use the phone. Evidently it DOES NOT support the A2DP leg either from the phone or to the headset. It may state A2DP if it has a memory card slot or if you can put MP3 files on to the GPS. In this case I would guess it does not support the A2DP leg (connection) to the phone.

      If the TomTom does not connect via A2DP at all then there is a possibility for you to connect the iPhone to the Scala G9 for A2DP only and then connect the iPhone to the TomTom for HFP only. Unfortunately Cardo does not give us an option to only connect via A2DP instead when pairing to your phone it will take both profiles automatically. (Sena SMH10 now allows you to specify which profile you want for this reason) However, if I were you I would try this:

      With the TomTom off, first pair the phone to the Scala G9 (it will take both profiles)
      Then, with the headset off pair the iPhone to the TomTom.
      Finally pair the TomTom to the Scala G9.
      Turn everything off then back on. If you are lucky you might be able to have stereo come directly from the iPhone to the headset and the phone calls go from the iPhone through the TomTom to the G9.

      If that does not work, pair the phone normally. Then try pairing the GPS to the Scala G9 following the instructions in 7.2 of the user manual. I do NOT expect that will work as it is designed for A2DP devices where you want the GPS to interrupt a phone call and give the turn by turn direction.

      Hope that helps.


  3. I have just purchased an iPhone 5 along with the G9 to use with a new Zumo 665 from Garmin. I have connected everything per Garmin and Scala’s instructions and am having similar problems as the above post both receiving and making phone calls. I will try the off and on method to see if that helps, thanks!
    I also can not get my playlist from the iPhone to play. Has anyone else had problems with the iPhone 5 or am I missing something in the set up of my system?

    • Hi Bill,

      We have heard of some issues with the iPhone 5 A2DP connection (like your playlist) when connected to the Sena SMH10. I’m not sure if there is a new Bluetooth spec that the iPhone is the first device to adopt or if they have a bug / issue that will be fixed soon. I’m sure Cardo will be hearing from a host of people with iPhone 5 phones soon though.

  4. before the new update, the g9 worked more or less well, sometimes the Android phone was disconnected, after making an intercom call.

    but now with the latest update V1.3, the works g9 fatal, the voice comendo “light music” does nothing, if I keep trying hopefully sometimes works,
    but as always make an intercom call disconnects the phone and did not reconnect until I turn off the g9 and back on again, apart from that if you try following the intercom call, for example, connect the music by pressing the button “A” the g9 is blocked and does not obey the buttons nor the vox.

  5. I downloaded the new 1.3 version last night for my G9 Powerset. Now, everything is haywire! I had a few issues before, but hoped the new O.S. would fix those. Now, when I try to use vox command to make a call to someone, I say, (as always,) “CALL so & so Mobile (or home)”. Female voice now says, “Did you say, SEND MESSAGE TO….?” It takes multiple times before it finally will call instead of trying to send a text. This was not happening before the 1.3 download. I usually have to end and start the call attempt process over and over again until it finally acknowleges I’m saying the word “CALL”…
    Next issue; while listening to music from my phone,(Motorola Electrify), VOX fails to work to turn music off. Vox also fails to work with new feature “next track / previous track”. I have to push the middle button on the side, most times it refuses to beep twice to take the command. Then suddenly will turn music off, and the radio on! Then I can’t get it to shut the radio off! It will change tracks / stations by using the volume up button, but not by vox.

    Can’t get new “next station / previous station” to work. I also made radio station preset choices on my P/C via the “Cardo Community” online in a priority order I wished the radio to play them , then downloaded to the G9. Instead, it starts at lowest frequency station to highest, which means, my main station I listen to most (102.3 mhz) is now 4th in line and a hassle to reach. Evidently, the order you place the freq in the list means nothing.
    Next Issue; While listening yesterday to music from phone (Motorola Electrify) on a one hour ride, it played fine for a while, then stopped/skipped around, and stopped playing. Yet the track time meter on my phone kept streaming. Seems to be losing bluetooth connection with my phone. Sometimes, changing songs will start it again. (Speed does NOT matter, as it has done this today while sitting at a light.) This is happening a lot now. (This was one of the issues I had before the download, btw.)

    Is it possible to reset back to the previous OS, now that this version has been downloaded? So far, I am TOTALLY unimpressed with 1.3. To me, it ruined the whole device and has rendered it useless now.

    Next Issue; the intercom has tried to turn itself on many times! No commands, no buttons pushed… just all of sudden, I hear her loud voice say, “Intercom On”…. very startling! Sometimes it will do that while I’m trying to get it to turn the radio off or music off, as if it’s going through all 3 steps in a loop.

    It was windy yesterday while riding on an interstate. I wear a full faced Scorpion helmet. While riding, I was listening to music from my phone. Several times, a gust of wind seemed to shut the music off, as if I’d said something. I don’t DARE make the mistake of actually saying anything while listening because the stupid thing thinks I want to use the intercom feature, and shuts off the music! To me, if I want the intercom to work, I should have to say “Call Intercom” or push either the “A” button or the “B” button, and actually BE connected to another communicator. But no….it works when I don’t want it to. Then, when I do want it to work, it refuses and says “not available”!!!

    Several times, when trying to turn music / off…radio on/off…it will say “unavailable”…and refuses to stop or start playing. At these times, it never gives me the second beep to tell me it’s ready for the command… it just won’t do it.
    I guess it is possible that something went wrong during my download, but not likely. Everything went smoothly, and we saw no glitches during the process. But, it was immediately evident it was all screwed up after the download. Fought it for 30 minutes trying to get it to make a call instead of a text…. then it suddenly worked.

    To this point, I haven’t even tried to use the intercom. Sounds like I can scrap plans to buy a Zumo any time soon, too. Ironic, the vox command feature is supposed to be less of a distraction while riding… supposed to be “hands free”. All I do now is search for the buttons with my gloved left hand, and look like a crazy person to the rest of the world, arguing with no one. All I do now is think about how much money I just blew to get this “convenience”.
    Hope you can help. Sounds like a cool setup, if it would only work the way it’s marketed to work.

    • Hey thanks for the feedback and sorry about the hassles. We have seen that the new firmware is available and has extended voice command options but haven’t played with it yet. Have you reported this to Cardo and tried to go back to the previous firmware? You might also try to just re-install the firmware as it sounds like there are a lot of issues and I can’t imagine Cardo would release something quite that bad. I’ll install it and play with the new setup this weekend and see if I can learn anything.

  6. I just wanted to thank you so much and let you know I apacreipte your video. I bought the Scala Rider Q2 last winter and left it in the box to install until now. Somehow, in the interum, I misplaced the installation instructions. I’d never seen the unit installed or in use and I wanted to use it first thing in the morning. After watching your video I was able to install my Scala Rider onto/into a Shoei full face helmet no problem. Thanks again. I wish you many safe rides.

  7. I feel the same, thistle only systems that can tell me on the phone call, but they do not speak Spanish and do not give me solution

  8. Hi, i have the G9 and iPhone 5. I can hear Musik, but the connection is often lost. Sometimes there is 15 sek no Musik and the it sounds loke skipping on a CD. The iPhone is brand new, where is the problem? Thanks for help

    • The problem seems to be IOS6. Even some older devices with the upgraded Apple software began having trouble with the A2DP stereo Bluetooth connection. I think Apple has now released a 6.1 which hopefully will address the issues.

  9. Update;
    Spoke with Cardo a while back.
    Resolved a couple of issues, but most are unresolved.
    They refuse to accept that something can be wrong with the new download, but I believe they have serious, unresolved problems with it.
    They can’t get it to work right, blamed my phone, told me to call Motorola…which did not work.
    Told me that once you download new software, cannot go back.
    Tried to reload, no success.
    Cannot exchange for one with original version of software that mine came with, because all that now leave the factory have new software.
    I’ve put up with these issues for a while now, still screwed up.
    I have used the intercom with the other g9 from the set, usually works well.
    Had a lot of static issues last weekend, though. Hoping my buddy’s battery was low causing the issue…
    They did get vox command to work for the new commands, and I changed to the larger windscreen for the boom mic to control the wind from taking over… But I’ve discovered it is NOT actually listening and understanding what I say… It’s more of a loop. If I say, “music on”, it will do that. But, if I happen to talk while listening, it will say “music off”, and shuts off. When I then say, “music on”, it will turn the radio on… And so on, until it goes around the horn and arrives back at the first loop. This thing is so screwed up!!

    Still acts like before with call attempts… Can sometimes make it work by manually selecting on my phone, but sometimes even that messes up!
    Making a call is risky…
    Most times, when recieving a call, I cannot hear the caller! I must call them back to hear them. That’s a nice bonus feature…

    At this point, I feel my only hope to resolve this screwed up junk is to wait for Cardo to release a new download and hope that fixes it, or just chalk it up to the worst $500 I ever wasted, and try the Sena….
    Cardo told me they cannot attempt to simulate my issues because they do not have a Motorola Electrify to test… So, that was helpful.

    Very disappointed in their tech support, and this product.

    Recommended I send it back to them, at my expense…

    To date I haven’t, and probably won’t.

    Thought about changing cell providers and going to the IPhone 5, but sounds like that won’t fix anything either after reading others issues.

    Rode with a friend who’s had the G4 for a couple of years… His was tormenting him, too.

    I’m extremely disappointed, and at this point would never recommend one of these.
    If it only worked the way it’s supposed to, it would be cool.
    Currently, it’s just a distraction that could get me killed.

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