Scala Rider G9 Manual

Here is a link to the Scala Rider G9 user manual in ENGLISH on Cardo’s website.

Here is a link to their page with manuals in a bunch of different languages.  

4 thoughts on “Scala Rider G9 Manual

  1. I have a G9 headset. I used to have a G4, but I sold it to a buddy of mine. We want to initiate intercom calls, but the directions don’twork. We’ve tried everything! Does anyone have any viable suggestions on how to make this G4 to G9 intercom to work? I would appreciate any comments. Again, the directions on the Cardo website do not work.

  2. I have just purchased a new Scala G9 and the default language appears to be French!

    How do I change this back to English please??

    • Ha Ha. The default is definitely English so somebody must have been playing with it before it was shipped to you. Scala G9 has the WORST voice menu we have seen and know your frustration. This is the pathetic description the manual gives on how to access the Scala Rider G9 voice menu.

      The Voice menu is available in several languages.
      1.  While on standby, press and hold the Channel “A” button and
      Channel “B” button simultaneously for 2 seconds while on
      2.  After entering the menu, follow the voice instructions in
      English or choose your preferred language

      Actually you need to press the 2 buttons for EXACTLY 2 seconds, not more, not less.
      After you hear it say something to you in french press A once.

      Then wait for it to cycle through some different languages. When you hear it say “English” Press A and it should be changed. You might have to listen to some more settings to skip them all and then exit the voice menu.

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